The team

Olympian Homes 

Olympian has been trading since 1993 and specialises in sourcing and developing large scale Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA), Hotel, Build To Rent (BTR), Co Living and Affordable Housing sites for institutional clients. 


DP9 is established as one of the leading expert consultancies in planning, development and regeneration in the UK. Formed in 2004 the business was specifically created to focus on advising on the largest, most complex and challenging development propositions in central London. Since then it has grown to a company of around 70 employees working on projects primarily in London and the South East. 


Node is about beautiful living and people to share it with. Through thoughtful design, we build opportunities to live well and share experiences in authentic community. Everything we value at Node returns to this central mission. 


Rio Architects produce award-winning architecture, interior design, masterplans and visualisation in a sustainable, innovative and cost-effective way. 


fabrik is a multi-disciplinary landscape and environmental design practice who bring an innovative, research led approach to the design and use of the external environment. They work on a wide range of high profile public and private projects, creating sustainable landscapes in the caring, learningliving and working sectors. Their philosophy is to design places for people that foster wellbeing, generate prosperity and stimulate learning.