The building will contain around 800 co-living studios and associated facilities.

Co-living is an innovative, contemporary living solution that combines the components of traditional house shares with additional amenities, such as a gym or shared workspace, which would typically be sought outside of the home. Catering to the lifestyles of urban professionals and young graduates, co-living provides high quality spaces, flexibility and community in a cost-effective and convenient model.

Integrating private, social and work spaces enables a balanced and varied lifestyle to be easily accessible and affordable, providing benefits such as cost and time savings along with increased psychological well-being.

This accommodation type has gained prominence in recent years through a combination of factors, including a lack of housing opportunities, the cost of independent housing plus a growing interest in more flexible lifestyles not dependent upon restrictive long-term contracts. It also contributes to more sustainable living by allowing residents to live in more central urban locations, thus reducing commute times and carbon footprint, while also adding dynamic energetic residents to an area that may only be accessible to wealthier and more mature residents.

The co-living model allows for a greater variety of higher quality spaces. Amenity areas provide a wider range of facilities than a typical shared kitchen, while studios provide an improved private space when compared to a bedroom in a shared house.

Additionally, the co-living environment creates a natural framework for communities to form, giving residents the sociable lifestyle which can be hard to find in a large city.

Olympian Homes have exclusively engaged Node Property Management UK as their preferred operator and asset manager for the Marsh Wall site.

Node is a global build-to-rent and co-living company that invests, develops and manages urban rental apartment communities in creative capital cities around the world. Their mission is to create the next generation of rental accommodation with affordable, design-led and community focused residences that meet the growing lifestyle needs of urban renters. Node residences are in cities throughout North America and Europe.

You can read more about Node by visiting their website - please click here. 

Node development

Above: Image of Node development

Node are currently creating co-living studios in Brixton, where beautiful shared spaces like a residents’ and co-working lounge multiply choices for both work and play at home.

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